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29 2 in the TIAA conference

25 in the Southwest conference

and 2 in the Big 12

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Q: How many conference championships have the Texas Longhorns won?
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How many football conference championships have the Texas longhorns won?

30 total: 2 - Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association 26 - Southwest conference 2 - Big 12 Conference

How many football championships does Texas longhorns have?


How many NCAA Football Championships have the Texas Longhorns won?

The Texas Longhorns have the won three NCAA Football Championships: 1963, 1969, and 2005

How many Big 12 championships has The Texas longhorns won?


How many national championships does u t have?

The University of Texas Longhorns have 4 National championships.

How many National Championships does Texas have?

As of September 2014, the Texas Longhorns have won 50 national championships. Six of those championships have come in baseball and four of them in football.

How many times has Texas longhorns won national championships?

4 times. the are 1963,1969,1970,and 2005.

How many national championships have Texas longhorns won in football?

Four: 1963, 1969, 1970, 2005.

How many NCAA championships does Alabama have?

If it is football , the answer is 13 and counting. The most recent is 2009 against the Texas Longhorns.

How many football champions have the Texas longhorns won?

So far, the Longhorns have won 0 national championships.

How many national football championships of the Texas longhorns won?

They won 4. They won in 1963,1969,2005 and they shared it with Nebraska in 1970.

How many times has the University of Texas won the Big Twelve championship?

The University of Texas Longhorns have won the Big 12 Conference Championship 3 times... Texas - 1996 Texas - 2005 Texas - 2009 Prior to 1996 the Big 12 Conference was the Southwest Conference

How many Football Conference Championships has Texas Tech won?

Texas Tech has won 11 conference championships. 9 of those championships were in the old Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association between 1937-1955. They were also co-champions of the old Southwest Conference in 1976 and 1994.

How many big 12 championships does Texas a and m have in football?

Texas A&M have only 1 in the Big 12 conference but 17 in the previous Southwest conference

How many national championship in football has Texas Longhorns played in?

The teams over the years that played for football National Championships in college?

How many red river championships does Texas longhorns have won?

The overall record for the annual Texas vs. Oklahoma football game favors Texas with: 59 wins 41 losses 5 ties

How many conference championships did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?

The Steelers have won seven AFC Conference championships.

How many conference championships do the broncos have?


How many Texas longhorns are in the NFL?

No good ones. :)

How many western conference championships have the Spurs won?

4 championships (1999,2003,2005,2007)

How many basketball championships has Texas longhorns won?

Zero. Texas has reached the Final Four three times ('43, '47, '03), but they have failed to advance beyond the semifinals in any of those attempts.

How many NCAA championships does Texas A and M have in all sports?

Texas A&M has 17 team National Championships while also winning 62 individual National Championships for a combined total of 79. A&M has also won a total of 159 team conference and tournament championships.

How many championships have the 49ers won?

18 Division Championships, 5 Conference Championships, 5 Super Bowl Championships.

How many championships does Texas have football?

15 championships

How many conference championships have the 49ers won?