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Q: How many concussions can an NFL player have before they cannot play in the NFL anymore?
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Which NFL player has had the most concussions?

Steve young Actually Steve Young is not correct. He was thought to have much more but only 6 of which were recorded. Troy Aikman had 10 known concussions.

Why does a baseball team put a player on waivers?

Some reasons are that the player cannot be protected, or he is of no use to the team, the team cannot afford him or it is a step used before the team can release him.

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How many concussions can you withstand before you die?

Well some football players have over 100. Read this recent article from CNN I've never heard of a football player to get 100 concussions, that i think is impossible. i have had 6 concussions in my lifetime and i am a sophmore in high school. I'm no doctor but i know that this is terrible for me and i still have reprocussions from it. I'm still playing but i have heard that if you have more then 7 you have a shot at dieing well most football players do, and yes ive had 6, there is also a marine from my town that had to check for IED's and he had 8 and the service wont let me him go back.

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Can you show a yellow card to a player before the game in the changing rooms?

No, a yellow card cannot be shown before a Football Match although a red card can be shown before a match if the player(s) is being violent or be a total ***hole. I hope i helped HC16

What is the average career length of a NHL hockey player?

5-15 years depending on how well they play, how old they were when they started playing and if they have had concussions or injurys. An NHL hockey player if they were really good, started young, and have had no injurys or concussions (which is very unlikley) could play for like 25 years if they really wanted to. Martin Brodeur from the New Jersey Devils is known to be the best goalie who has ever played the game has been in the NHL for 19 or 20 years, and he is showing no signs of retiring.

Is Hans Dykstra a international player?

No, He is not he doesn't play anymore

Does Pele player soccer?

He used to be a great soccer player in the 70's but doesnt play anymore.

What is the Difference between no movement and no trade clause in hockey?

A no-trade clause requires a player's consent before a trade involving that player is made. If a player has a no-movement clause, the player cannot be traded, waived, or sent down to the minors without that player's approval. In both cases, however, a player is not protected from being bought out by the player's current team.

Is reggie bush one of the top running backs?

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Who is a really good football player?

zinedine zidane is but he doesn't play anymore

What is Jeremy evans nba player current team?

He's not in the NBA anymore.

Can video games cause concussions?

A concussion is caused when the brain is subject to the shock of a physical blow to the head, such as might be received by a boxer or football player. The only danger of receiving one from playing video games would be from your opponent.

Who are some famous athletes and their risks?

not sure what you mean by the question, but if you're talking about injuries in famous athletes, there are lots. Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has been suffering, but I'm not sure if he just isn't a good player anymore, or if he has suffered an injury. His teammate, Derek Jeter has suffered an injury as well, but he's coming back. In the National Hockey League lots of players have gotten concussions. Sidney Crosby was out for ages in the past 2 seasons. Someone should probably improve this answer...

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Can High School Football Player Turn Pro?

No not anymore. Football requires every player to be in a college or university for a minimum of 2 years

Injured player cannot shoot free throws who does?

The player that replaces him