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Q: How many competitors receive a medal in each event?
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What does the winner of each event receive?


What are the prizes for the Olympics?

There are three prizes given for each event at the Olympics. The winners receive gold medals. The second place finishers receive a silver medal. The third place finishers receive a bronze medal.

Do team winnwers of gold medals get the same medal ad solo winner?

Medals have the event engraved on the rim or edge of the medal so each event medal is unique, but otherwise they are same

How many books receive the Newbery Medal each year?

One book receives the Newbery Medal each year. There may be up to three Newbery Honor books each year.

What are the rewards given for winning an Olympic event?

the winner receives a gold medal, second place a silver medal and third place a bronze medal. All 3 also receive a bouquet/pose of flowers

Is this the first year individual medals were given for each female gymnastic event after the all around medal was won?


Who won the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

No one 'wins' the Olympics. There are dozens of different events that competitors participate in and each individual event has a winner.

How many competitors are in an Olympic weightlifting competition?

The number of competitors depends on how many countries send athletes for that particular Olympic sporting event. In weightlifting there is also many weight classes. In the Olympics there are 7 weight classes for the women and 8 for the men. Each has a varying number of competitors.

What are the quotas for athletes entering the Olympics?

Qualification rules for each of the Olympic sports are set by the International Federation (IF) that governs that sport's international competition. For individual sports, competitors typically qualify through attaining a certain place in a major international event or on the IF's ranking list. National Olympic Committees may enter a limited number of qualified competitors in each event, and the NOC decides which qualified competitors to select as representatives in each event if more have attained the benchmark than can be entered. Many events provide for a certain number of wild card entries, given to athletes from developing nations.

How much does a relay TEAM MEMBER get for their goal medal?

Each member gets an equal amount of the total reward for the event.

What is strongly consistent global state?

Strongly conistent global state is a consisten global state in which for each send event, there is a corresponding receive event.A conistent global state is a consisten global state in which for each receive event, there is a corresponding sentevent.

How is sport important to Malaysia?

They get a lot of income to help their economy grow. Their main event is the F1 event at Sepang, from which they receive millions each year.