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A curling match is played between two teams of four players each.

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Q: How many competitors are there in curling?
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Winter Olympics in which sport do competitors throws rocks?


In which winter olympic sport do competitors throw rocks?


In which winter olympique event do the competitors trow rocks?

curling is the olympique event where the compititors trow rocks.

Name 5 winter sports and give a brief description of what the competitors do?

One sport is the Luge. In the luge, competitors slide down on an ice hill feet first at very high speeds. Another winter sport is Ski Jumping. Competitors ski down a steep hill and when it comes to an end, they jump. They then must balance in the air and land properly to get more points. A third winter sport is the Biathlon. Biathlon competitors ski cross country and every few laps, they shoot at targets with a special rifle. Their points and time is affected by how many targets they hit. Fourth, there is Curling. One athlete sends a curling stone down across ice towards a target. Then, two more athletes "sweep" to control the movement and speed of the curling stone. Their goal is to try to get their curling stones closest to the "button of the target" as possible. Fifth, there is the Nordic Combined. Competitors in this event start off with Ski Jumping, then go into cross country based on how well they did in Ski Jumping.

Does Scotland have a curling team?

If you are referring to 2014 Winter Olympics, Scottish competitors are included in Team GB just as they were at 2012 London Olympics.

How many stones are there in an end in curling?

In each curling end there are eight curling stones for each team--16 total.

How many countries play curling?

The World Curling Federation (the international governing body for curling) currently has 50 member countries, so the answer is: at least 50.

Curling lock of hair?

A curling lock of hair is often kept in a baby book or in a locket to remember a person. Curling hair is believed to be beautiful in many cultures.

What is curling?

Curling is an ice sport played in many areas. it is an olympic sport and it first came from Sctoland.

How many competitors in Olympics games?

approximately how many competitors will compete at the london olympic games?

Why do they use the word brier in the game of curling?

The "Brier" is the common name for Canada's men's national curling championship. The winner goes on to represent Canada at the World Curling Championship. Because Canada has so many great curling teams, the Brier is the curling world's most anticipated annual event.

How many Jamaican competitors in the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

48 competitors.

How many competitors took part in the last London marathon?

Dickless 20101010101 Competitors.

How many ends are in curling?


How many endings in curling?


Year the curling iron was invented?

no one knows, there was many men who motified the curling iron they never officialy decided

On which ice rink do they play curling in England?

= = Despite having every other facility - sporting or otherwise - England has not had a single dedicated curling rink. And this is despite the fact that Britiain won a gold medal in the sport in the 2002 Winter Olympics. The situation in other countries is quite different with Scotland having a number of dedicated rinks and Canada having a large number for their 1m plus players. There is regular curling in many European countries. = Why has England missed out? = Well, there are not many ice rinks in England - and those that exist are used exclusively for skating and ice hockey. Curling has been tried on several of these but it doesn't really work - because insufficient time and skill is available to prepare the ice properly for curling. So when people come to try it for the first time they find it almost impossible because the ice is too sticky and the stones move to slow or stop very short. Curling really needs properly prepared ice in an ice rink dedicated to the sport. The situation changed in November 2004 with the opening of The rink has been built exclusively for curling. There is a small number of experienced curlers in southern England and Fenton's rink has created opportunities for them to play regularly and competitively. Furthermore, they have qualified curling coaches available to teach and encourage beginners. Last season several hundred people tried the game for the first time and there are several clubs operating from the Rink with the largest being the South East Curling Club. The Curling in England is managed by the English Curling Association , which in turn is part of the World Curling Federation. Many of Englands 250+ regular players subscribe to a new curling website at = About Fenton's Rink = Having been a frustrated curler in England for over 30 years, Ernest Fenton, an exiled Scot, decided to create a 3-lane curling rink on his estate near Tunbridge Wells. The rink opened in November 2004 with an International Bonspiel, which attracted competitors from all over the world. It is now the hub of English Curling and attracts many thousands of players each year.

How many competitors took part in the Beijing Olympics?

10,942 competitors (according to the BBC)

Who are apple's competitors?

Apple has a number of competitors. These include Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, as well as Palm. In addition, there are many computer brands that are competitors of Apple.

What do you put in front of curling with Le du de lu in French?

Le curling (masculine noun): J'aime le curling (I like curling) Du curling: j'ai fait du curling (I played curling)

How many curling stores in canadA?


How many players on a curling team?


Where can one learn how to curl your hair with a curling iron?

One can learn to curl hair with a curling iron from many video tutorials online, or from a professional stylist at a hair cutting salon. Most are trained in curling hair.

Does vidal sasoon make good curling irons?

Vidal Sassoon has a variety of curling irons, though many claim them to be cheap and break easily. However, if you are on a budget, the Gold Series curling iron is a good choice.

What is the Name for a curling match?

A curling match is simply called a curling match. A bonspiel is a curling tournament.