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There are an estimated 1.5 million All-Star (competitive) cheerleaders in the U.S.

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Q: How many competitive cheerleaders are there in the US?
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Is ice hockey the sport in the movie bring it on?

no... its competitive cheerleaders.

Where do most cheerleaders spend their time at?

Cheerleaders practice either in school gyms, or competitive privately owned gyms

Why do cheerleaders only cheer for football?

Cheerleaders don't only cheer for football. There is also competitive cheer leading and cheering for other sports.

How many cheerleaders from9-12 be on a team?

i think in US and Canada 36 ?

How many cheerleaders are in the US?

*ANSWER* by heavonbound if there are 20 cheerleaders in each official .N.F.L. group, and 50 states, (- Hawaii and Alaska so 48) you do 20 X 48 = 240 cheerleaders per team.

What are the purpose of cheerleaders?

They entertain, well that what my cheer coach tells me. It depends what sport your cheering for. ------------------------------------------------------- Cheerleaders root on teams at games. it is also a challenging and competitive sport that some people enjoy.

Can 10 year old's be cheerleaders?

Of course! You could probably find a competitive cheer gym that has a junior level for you.

Do cheerleaders always have to use ponpons?

No. Many cheerleaders such as All-Star cheerleaders don;t use ponpons in their routines

How many cheerleaders get hurt a year?

it depends on how clumsy some cheerleaders i am not one of the clumsy cheerleaders my friend is the 1 (she is blonde)!!!

How long does cheerleaders stay with cheerleading?

Many cheerleaders stay with cheering through college and may become professional cheerleaders later in life

Cheerleaders use pom poms?

Depends what type: Football dancing fake cheerleaders: Of course its thr weapon to get boys into them Competitive : we stunt and fly so we cant hold pieces of plastic with weird stuff coming out of it

How many cheerleaders do the colts have?


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