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Q: How many coloured balls are used by each team or competitor in a game of croquet?
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Which sport has four different colour codes for balls ranging from yellow for hot conditions and blue for cold?

The sport with four color codes is squash. The color codes are for the balls. The different colors indicate which balls are to be used for specific weather conditions.

Where is the world series of croquet played each year?


What does each coloured?

each color means something diffrent

What is the origin of the phrase spot on?

The phrase 'spot on', meaning 'in exactly the right place, comes to us from India and the snooker-based game of billiards The six coloured balls were each placed on their respective 'spots' on the table after having been sunk The placement of these coloured balls, unlike the red balls, which were permanently 'sunk' when potted, was critical to the game, so the person re-spotting the coloured balls (other than red, of course) would have to be precisely on the correct spot, or, 'spot on' for the game to be fairly played The critical nature originated from the size of the table; 6' x 12', and the tightness of the pockets; 1.5 x ball diameter, unlike today's 'sloppy' 2 x ball diameter

What is the relationship between value chain and competitor analysis?

A value chain of each competitor will certainly go ahead and help one understand the gaps which each competitor has in the respective chain. The company who is doing the profiling can then target these gaps as opportunity areas and build on its competitive advantage ..

How many different coloured balls on a snooker table?

, on the table at the start of a match there are 21 balls on the table, and 22 including the cue ball (white ball). This includes 8 different coloured balls - white, red, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. Altogether their are 22 reds and 1 of each of the others (white, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black). So altogether, their are 8 different coloured balls in snooker including the cue ball, and 7 not including the cue ball. I hope this helps.

How many balls hit the ground each second?

10,000 Balls Hit The Ground Each Second

4 clowns do a juggling act there are 16 balls to juggle 2 clowns each have 2 more balls than the other clowns how many balls does each clown have?

Two have 3 balls, two have 5 balls.

How canwe fit 10 balls in 5 lines so that each line has 4 balls?

Draw a star. Place one ball at each point. Place one ball at each line intersection. You will now have 5 lines, each has 4 balls, total of 10 balls.

With 10 balls make 5 lines each with 4 balls in?

In the shape of a 5-pointed star. Place a ball on each corner and there will be 5 lines of 4 balls

How do you put ten identical balls on a surface so that you can have 5 lines of balls with 4 balls on each line?

are you talking about human balls? YOU CANT DO IT.

How many balls are made each year by titelist?

Titleist produces over 1 billion golf balls each year.