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Q: How many college football teams are called the bears?
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What is the university of Alberta football team?

The University of Alberta Football team is called the Golden Bears. For All Mens Sports the teams are called the Golden Bears, for all Womens the teams are called the Pandas.

How many college football teams are there.?

There are approximately 119 College Football teams.

What were the first football teams to play?

the Chicago bears

How many professional football teams does Arkansas have?


Is there a college football team that's nickname is grizzly bears?

The University of Montana athletic teams are nicknamed the 'Grizzlies' and their mascot is Monte the grizzly bear.

What team were the Chicago Bears in 1833?

There was not a Chicago Bears in 1833. There were no professional football teams at all.

How many college teams in division 1a in college football?

What was once called NCAA Div. I-A is now called Div. I-FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). I counted 120 schools on the website. ----------

Do all the states have football teams?

All states have college football teams, but not even half of the states have NFL teams.

How many college football teams in us?

There are 336 teams in men's college basketball.

Who were the first teams to play football NFL football?

im not sure, but i think it was the Bears and the Cardinals

Are Da Bears a Chicago football team?

Yes. They are the Chicago Bears. It's one the teams nicknames.

Do the top two teams in college football play for the national championship?

college football?. Don't you mean American college football,or the real thing?