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Rice won the College World Series in 2003 over Stanford.

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Q: How many college baseball World Series championships has Rice won?
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How many national championships does the University of Texas baseball team have?

4 championships in 7 trips to the college world series

Has UCLA won a National Championships in baseball?

No they have not.But in 1994 they made the college world series.

How many National championships in Baseball has the University of Florida won?

Florida has not won a college world series but has made it to 9.

How many baseball national championships has the University of Florida won?

Florida has not won a college World Series but has made it to 9.

How many baseball World Series have the Philadelphia Phillies Won?

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What conference has won the most college World Series championships?

PAC 10

Who has won more national championships Tennessee or Indiana?

I assume you are talking about in just baseball. In that case, neither has won a College World Series.

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The New York YankeesThe New York Yankees won 27 World Series Championships in 40 World Series appearances.

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Who leads MLB in World Series wins?

The New York Yankees with 27 World Series championships are the most in baseball.

How many naitonal championships have Oregon state university won?

4 Team Championships- 1926 Wrestling, 1961 Men's Cross-Country, and the 2006 and the 2007 Men's college baseball World Series.

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