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If there are 25,000 College Football players and every year the NFL drafts 192 (6 rounds x 32 teams), less than 1% make it into the pros from college. To be exact.... .768 of a percent make it.

The 25,000 number is from Div 1A & FBS only (actual number is 26,400), Div II and Div III have 21,360 players. Not including NAIA schools, which is another 4,876. So in essence your chances to be one of the 253 drafted (2012) or one of 224 UFA (undrafted free agents) is .005 for drafted or .010 including UFA's.

Average tenure in NFL 2.57 years, 17% have a degree, 78% no longer playing file bankruptcy. Stay in school and get your degree, or go back to school use the FASFA to pay for you to get your degree.

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Over 6.6 million player in the NCAA football try out

By Jerry moses own the Ncaa college football

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Q: How many college athletes play pro football?
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