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Many college players get minor or serious injuries when playing sports. About roughly 330 to 400 people get injuried in their sport. Now if you wanted to know how many pros get injured that is a lot larger. About 500 players in any sport gets in an accidents during a game.

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Q: How many college athletes get injured in there sport?
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How many hours do college athletes spend in the gym?

Depends on the sport

Why do athletes get injured during sports?

Athletes get injured due to many different factors. These can include, overuse of muscles, joints etc. Burnout ( which is when athletes do not give their bodies enough rest) or simply because of the dangers of their sport.

How many college athletes play proffessional sports?

very few college athletes will ever play professionally in their paticular sport. For the main sports like basketball, football, etc. less than 2 percent of the college athletes will go pro.

How many professional athletes were injured in 2008?

about 5000

How many high school athletes play in college?

0. college athletes play in college

How many children get injured from sport?

It depends on what sport you are playing.

How many college athletes drop out?

a lot

How many professional athletes don't have college degrees?

not many

How many College athletes play football?


How many athletes in London 2012 olympic sport?

over 10,000

How many pro athletes are still in sport training camps?

All of them.

What is the percent of college athletes make it professionally?

1/5 of 1% of athletes many it to the pros.

Professional athletes that went to college?

There are too many to list.

How many athletes are there in the world?

This is truly an impossible question to answer. The are countless professional, semi-professional, collegiate, high school, etc athletes in the world. The isn't any source that has a list of everyone who plays a sport. You can find out how many Olympic athletes there are, or how many professionals for a certain sport, but there's no way to ever know how many athletes there are in the world at a given moment.

What is cheer sport sharks?

Cheer sport sharks is a cheerleading organization that is owned by Ally and Alana they are two amazing cheerleading coaches and they are followed by many other athletes as coaches as well. yes cheerleading is a sport and yes we are athletes!

How many new college athletes are there each year?

about 26.3 and a half

How many hours do college athletes practice for?

It really depends on the coach.

How many high school athletes receive scholarships to college?

The amount of high school athletes who receive scholarships to college is very small. The sport with the highest percentage of high school participants earning at least a partial athletic scholarship is girls golf at 1.6 percent. Football is second at 1.4 percent.

How many college players suit up for a game?

it varies greatly from sport to sport...which sport are you referring to?

How many athlete salaries does it take to make 1 trillion dollars?

depends on the sport and the athletes

How many college student athletes are in the US?

i should say 20,000..... i think?

Who is Australia's best ever athlete?

Australia has many fine athletes. It would depend on which sport you are referring to. It is almost impossible to compare athletes in different disciplines.

One in how many athletes go pro?

Depending on what sport you are talking about, it all varies but usually 1 in 1,000 athletes become professional if not 1 in 1,0000

How many athletes were injured from during the Olympic Games or while training for the Olympic Games?

mate, thats not possible to find out

How many college athletes go pro per year?

There are less than 2 percent of college athletes that will go pro every year. This means that there are just a few hundred.