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Q: How many coaches have the maple leafs had?
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How many American players on Toronto maple leafs?

There are twenty three players for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

How many seasons did the maple leafs have 100 points or more?

the maple leafs have had 3 seasons where they had 100 points or more

How many maple leafs are on a penny?

there are two oak leafs on a Canadian penny.

When was St. John's Maple Leafs created?

St. John's Maple Leafs was created in 1991.

What is the name of Toronto's NBA team?

Many refer to the Toronto Maple Leafs as the "Leafs". There other nickname are the "Buds" but not too many leaf fans call them that

How many points did the Toronto maple leafs have in 2004?

The Maple Leafs finished 4th in the Eastern Conference with 103 points in 2003-04.

How do you say Toronto Maple Leafs in french?

Maple Leafs de Toronto

How many maple leafs on the Canadian flag?


What is the logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs has always been a maple leaf. Usually it has the Toronto Maple Leafs written on it and the colour blue features heavily.

how much are canadian silver maple leafs sellin for?

how much are canadian silver maple leafs selling for howmuch are canadian silver maple leafs sellinf for

What is a better hockey team the devils or the Toronto maple leafs?

Toronto Maple Leafs

How many Toronto maple leafs are in the hall of fame?