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6 years

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1 year

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Q: How many coaches has the Miami Dolphins had?
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What is the Miami Dolphins coaches name?

Tony Sparano

What team does Mike Sherman coach?

Mike Sherman (aged 58,) coaches the Miami Dolphins, since April 27th, 2012. He still coaches the Miami Dolphins today, and there have been 90 coaches before him.

How many wins did the Miami Dolphins have in 2011?

In 2011, the Miami Dolphins had a 6-10 record.

How many years have Miami Dolphins been playing?

The Miami Dolphins have been playing for 63 years.

How many sacks did the Miami Dolphins allow in 1984?

In 1984, the Miami Dolphins gave up 14 sacks.

What is the hometown of the Miami Dolphins?

it is the name, Miami is the hometown of the MIAMI dolphins

How many sports does Miami have?

Miami Heat (NBA)Miami Dolphins (NFL)Miami Marlins (MLB)

How many cheerleaders do the Miami Dolphins have?


What state is the dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are from Miami, Florida.

When was Miami Dolphins created?

Miami Dolphins was created in 1966.

How many winning seasons have the Miami Dolphins had?


How many franchise wins do the Miami Dolphins have?