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As of Charlie Weis, Notre Dame has had 29 head football coaches. Click on the 'Notre Dame Football Coaches' link below to see a list of them.

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Q: How many coaches has Notre Dame football had?
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How many notre dame football players are catholic?


How many Notre dame football players made Pro football?

a lil bit more than 400 made pro from notre dame and more people frome notre dame have went pro then from any other college

How many does championships does Notre Dame have in football?


How many national championships have notre dame won?

The University of Notre Dame has a storied football program. During its existence the school has won 11 national football championships.

How many football champships has notre dame won?


How many collegiate football all Americans has the university of notre dame produced?

The University of Notre Dame has produced 96 All Americans, the most of any team in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

How many football national championships has Notre Dame won?


How many people does notre dame football stadium hold?


How many times has Notre Dame played Michigan in football?


How many total wins does the notre dame football team have?


How many times has Arkansas played Notre Dame in football?

Notre Dame has played and beatin Arkansas 7 times and holds the series 7-0

How many ncaa football national championships have notre dame won?

Notre Dame has won 11 National Championships the last one coming in 1988

How many national football titles has Notre Dame won?

11, claimed 13, consensus Notre Dame does not recognize 1938 or 1953, although they were consensus champions

How many times has the University of Alabama played Notre Dame in football?

Notre Dame and Alabama have played each other six times, with Notre Dame holding a 5-1 advantage. The last time they met was in 1987, when ND won.

What town is Notre Dame in?

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, IN. However, many people will refer to Notre Dame as being located in South Bend, IN but Notre Dame, IN is slightly more specific.

How many times has Michigan State beat the Notre Dame football team?

26 going into the 2011-12 season. Series at 31-26-1 in favor of Notre Dame.

How many times has the Notre Dame football team beaten the USC football team?

The Pittsburge Steelers with 6 titles

How many catholic schools play NCAA Division you football?

2 Boston College and Notre Dame

How many division one catholic schools have football teams?

2, Boston college and notre dame

Where is Notre Dame cathedral located?

Notre Dame simply means our lady, so there are many churches devoted to the Virgin Mary called Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Chartres, Notre Dame de Rouen, etc.). The most famous Notre Dame Cathedral (with the Hugo story and Disney movie and all) is located in center of Paris.

How many did duke beat Notre Dame basketball?

Duke vs. Notre Dame final score at the Joyce Center is 76-72 in favor of Notre Dame

How many times has auburn played Notre Dame in football?

0. They've never faced each other.

How many times has Tennessee beaten Notre Dame in college football?

tennessee has beaten nd 3 times

How many times have notre dame and South Carolina played football against each other?

4 times (1976, 1979, 1983, 1984) with Notre Dame winning 3 times and South Carolina winning once.

Where is notre dame cathedral?

There are many cathedrals and churches dedicated to Our Lady, and therefore named "Notre Dame." One of the most beautiful cathedrals is that of Notre Dame de Chartres, and, arguably, the most famous Notre Dame cathedral is located in Paris, France.