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According to coach listings on, there is an average of 18.4375 coaches listed on the coaching rosters for NFL teams in 2010. Number of coaches ranged from 14 at Dallas to 25 at Minnesota. By team: Ariz 16 Atl 21 Bal 21 Buf 19 Car 16 Chi 18 Cin 17 Cle 19 Dal 14 Den 19 Det 17 GB 20 Hou 16 Ind 19 Jax 20 KC 17 Mia 18 Min 25 NE 15 NO 21 NYG 19 NYJ 18 Oak 18 Phi 17 Pitt 16 SD 17 SF 22 Sea 22 StL 19 TB 18 Tenn 17 Wash 19

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A typical NFL Staff has the following coaches:

Head Coach

Assistant Head Coach

Offensive Coordinator

Defensive Coordinator

Special Teams Coach

Running Backs Coach

Receivers Coach

Offensive Line Coach

Defensive Line Coach

Linebackers Coach

Quarterback Coach

Cornerbacks Coach

Safeties Coach

Tight Ends Coach

Strength and Conditioning Coach

In addition teams can have various assistant coaches who help by performing various duties during the season.

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Q: How many coaches does an NFL team usually have on staff?
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