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Q: How many coaches are there from bear Bryant till nick Sabin?
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How many ties did Bear Bryant have?


How many brothers and sisters does Paul Bear Bryant have?

Paul "Bear" Bryant had two children, Mae Martin and Paul, Jr.

How many different teams did Bear Bryant lose to at Bryant Denny Stadium during his career at Alabama?

According to Wikianswers own site, the answer is: "Bear Bryant accumulated a 72-2 record while head coach of Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium."

How many times in a row did Bear Bryant beat Tennessee?


How many years was bear Bryant the head coach at Alabama?

Bear Bryant spent 25 years as head coach of Alabama (1958-1982).

How many votes did Paul Bear Bryant get during the 1968 presidential election?

Paul "Bear" Bryant was not a candidate in the 1968 presidential election. He was a highly successful college football coach, not a politician.

How many former Chicago bear players are current head coaches?

Fisher, Frasier, Rivera and Harbaugh.

What has the author Mike Bynum written?

Mike Bynum has written: 'We believe--Bear Bryant's boys talk' -- subject(s): Biography, Football coaches 'Many Autumns Ago' 'Canada's 50 Unforgettable Moments in Hockey' 'Pop Warner: Football's Greatest Teacher' 'Never say quit'

How many SEC championships did Paul Bryant win?

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant won 14 SEC titles. He won his first with the University of Kentucky and 13 with the University of Alabama.

What is the value of a 1978 team and coach Paul Bear Bryant autographed Alabama football?

Hi, Let me know if you find a value. My Uncle has a 1978 or 1979, he's not sure which without looking at it, signed by Bear Bryant and the team Alabama football. He's wanting to sell it. please e-mail me if you find at least a staritng point of what to ask for it. Thanks, Greg

What is the value of a new Coach Bear Bryant Fun Bowl Football board game that is still new in the box?

Bear Bryant Board Gamedon't have an awnser but i also own one. there was one that was incomplete sold on eBay last year for around 100.00 i have been told by many ex Bryant players that they would like to have it but wouldn't know what to offer

In his career Bear Bryant participated in 31 post-season bowl games How many of those were at Alabama?

24 consecutively at Alabama