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lets see theres the Manager the pitching coach the hitting coach the bench coach the 1st base coach the 3rd base coach and the bullpen coach thats about all i can think of

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Q: How many coaches are on one baseball team?
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How many base coaches are on a team in baseball?

2. one on 1st base and one on 3rd base. other coaches in the dugout and bullpen have different duties.

How many coaches is there for one rugby team?

This depends on the level of the team. If in the higher levels you will have a main coach, then attack coaches, defense coaches, strategic coaches, fitness coaches

How many coaches are there in basketball?

At least one for every team

How many coaches are in the national football league?

There are 32 head coaches (one for every team) and a lot of assistants.

How much money does a baseball signed by all the coaches in the gators team give?

One Direction isss smexxi!! :P

When a pro team wins a championship is there a limit on the number of championship rings that can be given out?

== == The owners of the winning team PAY for the rings, so it is their decision about how many to BUY. Of course the players get one each, and the on field management, such as coaches and assistant coaches get one, but in some cases the trainers get one and the physio guy gets one. It is up to the team who gets one.

How many coaches can you have on a soccer team?

A soccer team is permitted to have as many coaches as it wants. However, during play, the rules of the competition may limit the number of team officials (coaches, trainers, doctors, stretcher-bearers, non-suited players, etc) allowed in the technical area. Further, the Laws of the Game state that only one team official (usually the coach) may relay tactical information (yell at the players) at a time.

How many coaches are on a high school football team?

The average is two one assistant coach and a real coach. Usually

How many assistant coaches are there on an NHL team?

The number of assistant coaches varies from team to team but here is what I understand the standard most teams carry. There are two assistant coaches on the bench along with the head coach. One assistant is for offense and the other for defense. There is also a goaltending coach who watches the game from a pressbox, "bird's eye" view and sometimes does doubles as the video coach. There is also a strength and conditioning coach. I have heard of teams carrying additional coaches for developing propects and are assigned to the minors and junior teams.

How did Babe Ruth get into major leagues?

he started at a school for uncontrollable kids and one of the teachers taught him how to play baseball and he was good at it so he decided to stick with it and when the major league coaches scouted the team they saw babe Ruth and wanted him on there team.

Who are the longest tenured coaches of one team in NFL?

dan reeves

Is it a coaches or coach's meeting?

It depends, actually, if it's: Coach's meeting - one coach's meeting Coaches' meeting - many coaches' meeting Coaches meeting - just a meeting of coaches.

How many kids are in a baseball team in total?

In the US, there are between 18 and 25 players on one baseball team.

Who was the assistant coaches for team USA mens hockey team in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?

one was Scott Gordon and

How do you get on the US women's soccer team?

You must be invited to play by one of the coaches.

How many trophies does the winning Super Bowl team receive?

The winning team receives one Lombardi Trophy. The players, the coaches and various support staff all receive championship rings.

What is correct coachs' or coaches'?

If there's one coach, possessive is coach's. If there are many coaches, possessive is coaches'.

How many of the 1992 Green Bay Packers assistant coaches became head coaches?


What baseball players have turned into coaches?

That one dude, and the other guy, and the fat chick.

Are there any collegiate coaches with national championships with more than one team?

yes.. nick saban

How many minority coaches are there in the NFL?

there are four minority coaches in the nfl three are african american and one is mexican american,

How many baseball teams are there in Miami?

There is one Major League Baseball team, the Miami Marlins.

How many stadiums are there in Major League Baseball?

30-- one for every team.

How many major league baseball stadiums are there?

30-- one for every team.

How many pofessional baseball teams are in Georgia?

There is one team, the Atlanta Braves.