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Andy (or Andrew) Cole started his career at Arsenal, were he had a loan spell at fulham before moving to Bristol City. He made it in to the premier league with Newcastle before having his most successful period of his career with Manchester United. He then moved to Blackburn Rovers where he won his last trophy winning medal. He then had brief spells at the following clubs, Fulham, Man City, Portsmouth, Birmingham(loan), Sunderland, Burnley(loan) and ending his football career at Nottingham Forest

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OVER 9000!

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Q: How many clubs has andy cole played for?
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How many Cole's have played football?

Andy Cole Joe Cole Ashley Cole Carlton Cole.

How many Premiership football teams has Andy Cole played for in his career?


How many football players that have played for arsenal have won champions league medals with other clubs?

Marc overmars,davor suker, kanu, Andy cole anelka, van bronchurst and Denis Bergkamp.

How many goals did Andy cole score for man utd?

This is a tricky question, because some of the clubs he played for were once in the premier league, but since then have been relegated to lower divisions. I will give you the list of clubs that Andy Cole has played for and then tell you if he played for them during their time in the premier league (BOLD = in EPL)ArsenalFulham (on loan-not in EPL at the time)Newcastle (there during the club's debut to EPL)Manchester UnitedBlackburn Rovers (In EPL at the time)Fulham (permanent move- Club was in the EPL)Manchester CityPortsmouth (in EPL at the time)Birmingham City (in EPL at the time)Burnley (loan-not in EPL)Nottingham Forest (not in EPL)Sunderland (not in EPL at the time)This makes a total of 8 premier league clubs that Andy Cole has played for.

How many players that have played for Newcastle utd have champions league medals?

Andy Cole and Kevin Keegan

4 players who have scored for 6 premier league clubs?

Its 5 - Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Nicky Barmby, Marcus Bent & Craig Bellamy

What 6 premiership footballers have scored for 5 different football clubs?

Ian Rush Liverpool Chester Leeds Newcastle Wrexham .... Robbie Keane Coventry, Wolves, Spurs, Leeds, :Liverpool.....Inter Milan & Anelka Chelsea, Bolton, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City...Fenerbache/PSG sort your neck out

How many penalties has Andy Cole scored in his Premier League career?


How many premier league clubs has joe cole plyed for?

Midfielder Joe Cole has played for three different English Premier League clubs: West Ham, Chelsea, and Liverpool, respectively. However, during his time at Liverpool, he spent a year on loan at Lille (not in the EPL), and he is currently in his second spell at West Ham.

How many international goals did Andy Cole score?

In 15 games for England, Andy Cole scored only 1 goal (away to Albania in March 2001; England won 3-1)

How many clubs has thiery Henry played for?

Henry played for these main clubs Monaco, Juventus, arsenal and barcelona.

How many clubs has Balotelli played for?