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Q: How many clean sheet Peter Schmeichel have for Manchester United?
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Which premier league team had the Most clean sheets 08 09?

Manchester United.

Who was the last team to keep a clean sheet against Manchester City?

The last team to keep a clean sheet against Manchester City was Stoke City.

Most clean sheats 2008 2009 season?

The most clean sheats kept by a goalkeeper was kept by the Manchester United Dutch goalkee4per Edwin Vander Sar. in 2008-2009 I think it as 15 games. it was a record he broke.

Was Zinedine Zidane ever caught offside?

Yes he was. In the 42nd min against Juve. 42 Zidane caught offside when clean through on Schmeichel's goal. Replay suggests a bad decision.

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Which Manchester City keeper holds the records for number of clean sheets in a single season?

Joe hart

Who has the longest clean sheet of goalies in soccer?

Edwin Van Der Sar has the longest clean sheet in England premier league history,his clean sheet is longest then any goal keeper playing today,he holds the record of the longest clean sheet in Europe,and he is the sixth one in the world,if he can hold his goal clean, for a litle bit longer he'll be the best. remember: the answer's date is 20-2-2009. I'll edit the answer if the record has changed

Who has the most clean sheets in the 0607 season in the premiership?

peter chch

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