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One. The City of Montreal

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Q: How many cities are on the island of Montreal?
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How many acres is Montreal island?

The island of Montreal comprises an area of 123,328 acres.

How many people are in Montreal CAN?

There are 1M people in the island of Montreal and 2M total in the Greater Montreal (Grand Montréal) (it includes the suburbs around the island).

In which country are the cities of Montreal and Vancouver?

The cities of Montreal and Vancouver are in Canada.

How many cities in Rhode Island?

There are eight cities in Rhode Island.

Is the Canadian city Montreal an island?

The Canadian city, Montreal is in fact an island.

African cities is furthest east?

There are many cities in east Africa. These cities include Brava, Malindi, Lamu Island, Zanzibar Island, Kilwa, and Ibo Island.

Which feature of Montreal site has been the most important for determining the shape of the city?

Montreal is an island, so the shape on Montreal is the shape of the island.

What large island is situated north east of Montreal in Canada?

I have no idea, but I think that it might be the Island of Montreal.

Is Montreal quebec sorrounded by water?

Indeed it is! Montreal is an island.

What is a place in Quebec?

There are many places in Quebec. Montreal and Quebec City are two examples of cities in Quebec. Within Montreal, there is the Biodome and the Olympic stadium.

Major cities in Quebec?


What are three cities in Canada?

Three cities are: Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver

Canada's major cities?

Canada has many major cities. These cities include Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec, Halifax, Saskatoon, as well as Ottawa.

How many cities on long island?


What are Canada's two largest cities?

Canada's two largest cities are Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.Toronto, Ontario and Montreal,Quebec are the 2 largest cities in Canada.

How many big cities are in Quebec?

5-Quebec, Chicoutimi, Montreal, Sherbrooke, and Trois-Rivieres.

How many cities are in Staten Island?

Staten Island is a borough of New York City. There are no other cities within the borders of Staten Island. There are a lot of neighborhoods, though.

Where is the best place to shop in Canada?

I would personally recommend Toronto and Montreal as great shopping cities. There are many malls in each, plus, they both have 'China town' areas, and Montreal has the 'old Montreal' area.

What land features does Montreal have?

Montreal is an island with the Mount Royal right at the center.

How many major cities are in the south island?


Which Canadian city is larger - Montreal or Quebec?

Montreal is larger than Quebec city. The largest cities in Canada are: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary.

A list of all cities in Quebec?

There are so many cities that are found in Quebec. The most popular ones include Quebec, Montreal, Laval, Gatineau, Alma and so many more.

What are some major cities in Quebec?

some major cities are Montreal, and Qubec city.

What are the most progressive cities in Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the biggest cities, and considered the most progressive by some. Montreal is often considered to be the most progressive of these three.

What are the biggest cities in Canada?