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There are no true statistics and for good reason. Not that many years ago it appeared between some doctors and teachers that if a child was acting hyper in any way or was not concentrating in school they were quickly labeled ADD. Parents were confused and wanted the best for their children and of course Ritalin came into play. They have since discovered that this medication does more harm than good. Instead of some doctors looking at a more natural approach they pass off pill like they are flipped out of pez dispenser. There is a secret they either don't know about or don't want parents to know about and it's LOW SUGAR INTAKE!!!! The following is a good article I felt a parent should know whose child has been labeled with ADD. What have you got to lose if you take your child off ALL SUGARS. This means label reading on all foods that could have sugars in it. I have two friends whose children were "acting out" at school and seemed to be difficult to handle at home (rages, crying, tantrums) and I suggested they take their child off all sugars. Within a month there was a marked improvement and it just got better from there. I AM NOT A DOCTOR, but I do agree with the following by Dr. Buresz and I hope you will read it and consider trying your child on a no sugar diet because I think you will be quite pleased. It beats having your child on a drug like Ritalin that can do more harm than good. Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity Success by Dr. Allen Buresz What Are the True Facts? The vast majority of medical doctors consider Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to be of unknown causes. Yet it's a known fact that the elimination of food additives and refined sugar produces dramatic improvements. Why haven't you been told this well-known fact? Considering the advertising revenues, it doesn't take a genius to see why the print and broadcast media have, for the most part, refused to publicize this vital information! Studies on Food Additive Use and Intelligence Food Additives and Hyperactivity in Children ADD, hyperactivity, and dyslexia are believed to be disorders of certain mechanisms of the central nervous system. Infants and children are the ones most often affected, and most often subjected to the widespread and indiscriminate use of drugs, especially Ritalin

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Q: How many children in Canada have ADD?
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