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Cody Rhodes has 1 child

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Dusty Rhodes has 3 kids, sons Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, and daughter Kristin Ditto.

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Q: How many children does Dusty Rhodes have?
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Who is Cody Rhodes dad?

Yes. Dusty Rhodes is the father of Cody Rhodes !:-)

How tall is Dusty Rhodes?

Dusty Rhodes is 6ft 2 (1.88m)

What has the author Dusty Rhodes written?

Dusty Rhodes has written: 'Dusty' -- subject(s): Wrestlers, Biography

Is golddust the son of dusty Rhodes?

yes he is the son of dusty Rhodes he is also the brother of Cody Rhodes

What is Dusty Rhodes's birthday?

Dusty Rhodes was born on October 12, 1945.

Who is Cody Rhodes father?

Dusty Rhodes

Who is Cody Rhodes's dad?

dusty Rhodes

Who is Cody Rhodes's father?

Dusty Rhodes

Where was Dusty Rhodes born?

Dusty Rhodes was born October 12, 1945 in Austin, Texas.

When and where was baseball player Dusty Rhodes born?

Dusty Rhodes was born May 13, 1927, in Mathews, AL, USA.

How did Dusty Rhodes die?

Dusty Rhodes is very much alive. He is not dead

Is goldust dusty Rhodes son?

yes he is he is Cody Rhodes half brother (they have different moms)