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Bonnie Blair does not have any children just a brother and sister

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Q: How many children does Bonnie Blair have?
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Who is bonnie Blair?

bonnie Blair is a speed skater.

How many siblings does Bonnie Blair have?


What is Bonnie Blair's birthday?

Bonnie Blair was born on March 18, 1964.

When was Bonnie Blair born?

Bonnie Blair was born on March 18, 1964.

How many medals has American speed skater Bonnie Blair won?

Bonnie Blair wom 6 medals: 5 gold and 1 bronze.

How many American speed skater bonnie Blair has won?


How many children does Blair Underwood have?

Blair Underwood has 3 children

What country is Bonnie Blair from?


When did bonnie Blair die?


How many medals did Bonnie Blair win?

6 (5 gold, 1 bronze).

Where does bonnie blair live?

Delafield, Wisconsin

When did bonnie Blair start skating?

in 1987