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Q: How many children did balaguer have?
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How many illegitimate children did Joaquin Balaguer have?


What is the population of Balaguer?

Balaguer's population is 16,779.

What is the birth name of Joana Balaguer?

Joana Balaguer's birth name is Joana Neves Balaguer.

What is the area of Balaguer?

The area of Balaguer is 57.32 square kilometers.

When did Víctor Balaguer die?

Víctor Balaguer died in 1901.

When was Víctor Balaguer born?

Víctor Balaguer was born in 1824.

When was CF Balaguer created?

CF Balaguer was created in 1945.

When did Balaguer Offensive happen?

Balaguer Offensive happened in 1938.

What is Joaquín Balaguer's birthday?

Joaquín Balaguer was born on September 1, 1906.

When was Joaquín Balaguer born?

Joaquín Balaguer was born on September 1, 1906.

What is Alòs de Balaguer's population?

The population of Alòs de Balaguer is 153.

What is Vallfogona de Balaguer's population?

Vallfogona de Balaguer's population is 1,769.