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Q: How many children did Willie Mays have?
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How many children does Willie Mays have?

He has an adopted son named Michael.

How many home run did Willie Mays have?

Willie Mays had 660 lifetime home runs.

Did Willie Mays and Willie McCovey play in the same year?

Willie Mays and Willie McCovey played for many years together.. from 1959 until 1972 when Mays was traded to the New York Mets.

What is the birth name of Willie Mays?

Willie Mays's birth name is Mays, Willie Howard.

What did Willie Mays do in his offspring?

Wllie Mays' offspring would be his children. You probably mean his "off-season".

How many times did Willie Mays strike out?

Willie Mays struckout 1,526 times in 10,881 career at bats.

How many lifetime home runs did Willie Mays hit?

Willie Mays hit 660 lifetime home runs.

Was willie mays a Christian?

Willie Mays is a Christian.

What is willie mays full name?

Willie Mays

Does Willie Mays have any children?

He has an adopted son named Michael.

Willie Mays autograph?

can I get willie mays to sign his jersey

What did Willie Mays accomplish durin his life?

what did willie mays accomplish

What positiion did willie mays play?

Willie Mays was a center fielder

Where is Willie Mays buried?

Willie Mays is still alive if you were talking about the baseball player.

How many hits did Willie Mays have?


How many home runs did Willie Mays hit?

Willie Mays hit 660 home runs during a career that spanned 1951-1973.

What is Willie Mays's birthday?

Willie Mays was born on May 6, 1931.

When was Willie Mays born?

Willie Mays was born on May 6, 1931.

When was Willie Mays death?

Willie Mays is still very much alive.

Willie mays pitching?

There are no records of Willie Mays pitching at the Major League level.

Is willie mays dead as of 9-22-09?

Willie Mays is still alive.

Who are willie mays parents?

His parents were Willie Mays Sr. and Annie Elizabeth McMorris.

Who is better Roberto Clemente or Willie Mays?

Willie Mays -- more power and speed.

How many National League batting championships did Willie Mays win?

Willie Mays won the NL batting title once, that being in 1954 when he hit .345.

What nicknames does Willie Mays go by?

Willie Mays goes by The Say Hey Kid, and Buck.