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Q: How many children did Bishop Veron Ashe have?
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How many children did Billy Bishop have?

he has two children

How many children does john bishop have?

John Bishop has three children. I think they're all boys

How many sisters and brothers did Arthur Ashe have?

one, captain jonnie ashe

How many goals did veron score for Manchester United?


How many children did Saint Patrick have?

Saint Patrick was a priest and bishop. He neither married nor had any children.

How many tines did Arthur ashe win wimbleton?

Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon once, in 1975.

How many man united players have also played for Chelsea?

Juan Sebastien Veron

How many kids in total of Arthur Ashe?

1 that he adpoted.

How many childred did Gilbert E Patterson have?

Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson had 3 kids and hundreds of children in the ministry.

How many kids did arthur ashe have?

1 child named camera

How many pages does The Bishop - novel - have?

The Bishop - novel - has 278 pages.

How many pages does The Bishop's Man have?

The Bishop's Man has 399 pages.