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There are 32 Chess pieces and is played on a chessboard made up of eight rows and eight columns for a total of 64 squares of alternating colors.

When setting up the pieces, make sure the light queen is positioned on a light square and the dark queen is situated on a dark square. The two armies should be mirror images of one another.

The light side always moves first. Each player's side of the chessboard is determined by chance. Usually by one player placing a pawn in each hand and closing his fists. Holding forth his fists the opposing player picks one. Whatever color the pawn he chooses is the side he shall command.
There are 16 pieces for each side, so a total of 32 pieces. For each side you start with 8 Pawns, 2 Rooks or Tower, 2 Knights or Horses, 2 Bishops, the Queen and of course, the King.

Although in chess, if you get one of your pawns to the end of board (promoting), you can make it into any other piece. So it is possible to have eg. 5 knights.
There are 32 pieces, 4 bishops, 4 rooks, 4 knights, 2 queens, 2 kings, 16 pawns.


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Q: How many chess pieces are in a chess set?
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