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About fourteen on regulation squad but if you have a competeing squad 17.

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2009-08-09 14:28:58
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2009-03-22 14:09:25

It depends. Usually, between 15-25.

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Q: How many cheerleaders on a squad?
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How many Cheerleaders on an NFL squad?


How many cheerleaders on the patriots cheerleading squad?


How many cheerleaders are there?

normally, around 15- 20 on a squad

How many cheerleaders is on a jr varsity squad?

as many as the coaches want to be on the team

How many cheerleaders are on a single cheerleading squad?

Between 11 - 15

How many cheerleaders are on Clemson cheer leading squad?

0 athletes.

How many Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are there per season?

There are usually 36 Cheerleaders, but the 2010-2011 squad has 34 members.

What are the names of the people on a cheerleading squad?


How many cheerleaders should be on a varsity squad?

between 22-26 girls/ or boys

Why is Julie Jacobs not on the 2009 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad?

She is still associated with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as an All-Star Cheerleader, just not on the squad.

How many cheerleaders in a squad?

It depends on what kind of team you have . . you really can have however many you want . . but on the basketball court only 8 cheerleaders are allowed if you're following the rules

How many Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are there?

There is no set number that there HAS to be at the end of each is usually 36 but it does not have to be. In 2007 there were 38,now in 2008-09 I belive there are 36 ____________________________________________________________________ 38 cheerleaders is the the most they can have on the squad, but their ideal squad is 32 according to Keli Finglass; Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Director.

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