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Q: How many cheerleaders do the colts have?
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What is an Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders salary?


What is the name of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders?

The name of Refrigerator Perry's cheerleaders was "The Refrigerettes"

Who started the cheerleaders for the football teams?

Liverpool are the first team ever to get cheerleaders In American football, it was the Baltimore Colts.

Who was the first NFL to have cheerleaders?

The Baltimore Colts did in 1953.

Who was the First pro football team to have cheerleaders on the field?

Baltimore Colts

Who was the first NBA team to have cheerleaders?

The Los Angeles Lakers were the first NBA team to have cheerleaders: Jerry Buss created a squad of cheerleaders called the Laker Girls for the purpose of entertaining the crowd during the game and at halftime, and many other teams followed suite when they saw the revenue the Lakers were bringing in from that venture.

Do cheerleaders always have to use ponpons?

No. Many cheerleaders such as All-Star cheerleaders don;t use ponpons in their routines

How long does cheerleaders stay with cheerleading?

Many cheerleaders stay with cheering through college and may become professional cheerleaders later in life

How many competitive cheerleaders are there in the US?

There are an estimated 1.5 million All-Star (competitive) cheerleaders in the U.S.

How many games did colts win?

The colts was 8 games.

How many cheerleaders did the patriots have in 2008?


How many cheerleaders do the Miami Dolphins have?