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0 athletes.

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Q: How many cheerleaders are on Clemson cheer leading squad?
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Detroit Lions cheerleaders?

The Lions do not have a regular cheer leading squad as other NFL teams have.

Cheerleaders for NY giants and for patriots?

The Giants do not have a cheer leading squad. The Patriots cheer leaders may be found by following the related link below.

How many cheerleaders can a cheer-leading squad hold?

As many as you can get. The more people you have the more stunt groups you can have and the more points you can score.

New England Patriots 1971 cheer leading squad photographs?

I don't think there were cheerleaders, and if there were I don't think there are any photos.

What is the predicate in the sentence My sister is the captain of the cheer-leading squad?

is the captain of the cheer- leading squad

Who was on the 1985 Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leading squad... there should be 36 names but I can only find 33?

Check out the whole squad with photos here 1985 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

How many people in a cheer leading squad?

about 20

What is Hellcats about?

Hellcats is about a university cheer leading squad.

When was males able to join a cheer squad?

Male cheerleaders were actually the first humans to be cheerleaders. They started with males, and then as the years went on females began to join.

Does your cheer leading squad need a coach?

i believe so.

Can you be on Nevada state cheerleading group at age 12 or 13?

yes you can be in the Nevada state cheer leading squad at age 12 or 13 i am 13 and in the Nevada state cheer leading squad.

Is Hailey Mathers in cheerleading?

Yes haily mathers is on a cheer leading squad. :):)