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It depends. Not just any team can go. You have to receive a bid from a national competition giving out world bids. It is only open to level 5 teams. Throughout the years more and more teams have been going to the Cheerleading worlds but no set amount has been determined.

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Q: How many cheer teams go to the Cheerleading Worlds?
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How many cheerleading teams were at worlds 2011?

There wereabout 45 teams at worlds in 2011.

Who is the best cheerleading team?

triple threat all-stars is the best but, there are many other good teams out there. Cheer extreme and top gun won worlds last year.

Is cheerleading a sport around the world?

Yes, many countries have cheerleading teams. Some of the countries teams come to Worlds. Countries that currently participate in cheer: Thailand, China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Canada, UK, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, France, South Africa and others

How many cheerleading teams are in Asia?

Not as many as there are in the US

How many cheerleading teams are there in the world?


Who many different cheer teams are in the us?

10000000+ still forming new cheer-leading teams

Is cheerleading a professional sport?

Though many don't consider it one, yes, cheerleading is a professional sport- NFL football teams have cheerleaders. Also, there are many levels of competition in cheerleading- there's a Worlds competition for all-star cheerleaders and a Nationals competition for highschool cheerleaders.

What is cheer sport sharks?

Cheer sport sharks is a cheerleading organization that is owned by Ally and Alana they are two amazing cheerleading coaches and they are followed by many other athletes as coaches as well. yes cheerleading is a sport and yes we are athletes!

How many cheerleading teams are in the us?

they are like 1.5 milloin teams in the us isn't that alot i mean i didint even now that they had that much cheerleading teams

How many cheerleading teams are in the world?

I'm not sure how many teams, but I do know that there is around 2 million girls involved with cheerleading in the US. There are currently about 30 countries in the world that have competitive cheerleading squads

Are there any professional teams for cheerleading?

There are professional cheerleading teams in the NFL (like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). However, many of these teams are actually dance teams that take the "cheerleader" title.

What is competitive cheer?

Competitive Cheer is when a cheerleading squad goes to competitions against other squads. Football and basketball games are used as practice for competitions. Cheerleading competitions can be large or small. High school teams as well as All-Star teams compete in these competitions under many different levels based on team size, tumbling abillity, varsity, junior varsity, all-star etc.

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