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Oklahoma has 7 Big 12 Championships

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Q: How many chapionships has OU won football?
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Related questions

How many championships has Oklahoma university won?

OU has 7 national football titles

How many football national championships has OU lost?


What two college football teams have won all five major bowls?

Ou and Penn state

Have the Oklahoma Sooners won more championships in football than the Texas Longhorns?

Yes! OU have won 7 and Texas has 4 wins

How many national football championships have the Oklahoma Sooners won?

Seven (7) (since 1950). 1950, 1955, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1985, 2000. OU has 7 national football titles

What college did current ou football did current ou football coach bob stoops attend?

Iowa University.

How many BCS championships has ou won?

Oklahoma won 1 BCS National Title (2000).

How many games has ou lost?

This season OU has had only one loss to Texas. Other than that they have won every game!

Who won the OU vs Iowa state football game and what was the score?

They don't play until next week. 10/17

How many times has osu cowboys beat ou sooner in college football?


How many national football championships has the university Kentucky won?

One national championship They shared the Championship with OU. Because the first poll came out before the bowls were played OU was named national champion. After Kentucky defeated OU in the sugar bowl most sources recognized the wildcats as the national champion.

When was the last bowl game OU won?

OU won the Sun Bowl 31-27 over Stanford.

Where can you find past rosters for OU football?

What is the Texas Longhorns football record vs Oklahoma?

Texas has won 59 games against OU, lost 40, and the two have tied 5 times

When is last time KU beat OU?

in football? 1984

When was the last time the university of Oklahoma lost 2 football games in a row?

How many times has ou football team lost

What collegiate football coach has the best winning percentage at home?

Bob Stoops of OU football team

Ou football Owen field original name?

Boyd Field

What is the value of an autographed OU national championship football?

about 100 bucks

What is the record between OU vs Colorado football?

OU leads Colorado 39-17-2, for a 69% win percentage.

What is the all time series record between OU and Florida in football?

Florida leads 1-0. Oklahoma and Florida have met once in college football, that being the 2008 BCS Championship Game. Florida won 24-14.

Where can one obtain the OU football schedule?

The OU, or Oklahoma University football schedule is available to view online at the soonersports website. This site also has statistics, ticket purchasing facilities and any current promotions.

How many naional chmpoionships has ou played for?

How many times has ou played for the national champioinship

Has OSU won more games than OU?

no never close tho

How many bowl championship series has the University of Oklahoma won?

OU has won one national championship in the BCS: Orange Bowl, Jan. 3 2001 vs. Florida State OU has also won an additional non-national championship BCS game: Rose Bowl, Jan. 1 2003 vs. Washington State