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The Los Angeles Lakers have 17 championships which is 1 st place.

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Q: How many champs does lakers have?
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Who were the champs in 09 and 10 in these sports nfl Major League Baseball NBA?

NBA: The 2009 champs were the Los Angeles Lakers and the 2010 champs were also the Los Angeles Lakers. NFL: The 2009 champs were the New Orleans Saints and the 2010 season has not yet started. MLB: The 2009 champs were the New York Yankees and he 2010 season has not yet finished.

Where can Lakers jerseys be purchased?

One can purchase Lakers NBA jerseys online from sites such as, Mick Simmons, Calibex, eBay, Fanzz, Lakers.fanatics, Champs Sports and Lakers Store.

Where can one find a Lakers t shirt?

Someone looking to purchase a Lakers t shirt can find them available at many stores and websites. Some places that offer them for sale include Macy's, FansEdge, Champs Sports, and Zazzle. A person may also be able to find them at Amazon and eBay.

Who were the 1951-52 NBA champs?

The Minneapolis Lakers won the 1952 NBA Finals four games to three over the New York Knicks.

How many pages does Les Champs MagnΓ©tiques have?

Les Champs Magnétiques has 187 pages.

How many championadoes lakers have?

The Lakers have 16 championships.

How many championships have the Lakers gotten?

the lakers have 16

What NBA basketball team won the championships in 2003?

2003-04 champs were the Detriot Pistons, the beat a star studded lakers team with both Kobe and Shaq.

How many champions do lakers have?

Los Angeles Lakers have 9 championships.

Where can one find a Champs Sports store locally?

One can find a Champs Sports store locally by going to the Champs Sports site and searching the store locator section. There are many Champs Sports stores in North America.

How many trophies do the Lakers have?

the lakers have 9 titles in L.A and 5 in minnieapolis

How many championship does lakers have?

The Los Angeles Lakers have 16 NBA championships.

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