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Q: How many championships have uconn womens basketball been in?
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Related questions

What is the best womens basketball college?

UConn Huskies!! ---- You can't definitavley say who's the best, but in the past, University of Connecticut, University of Tennesee, LSU, and Standford, and Duke ( and some others) have all been powerhouses.

How many division 1A football national championships does UConn have?

UConn has been playing division 1A football since 2000. Between 1978-1999 they were a 1AA team, between 1973-1977 they were a division II team, and between 1937-1972 they were a College Division team. During their existance, UConn has not won a national championship in football. They are credited with 15 conference championships, all in the Atlantic 10 between 1949-1989.

How many NCAAM championships have there been in basketball?

First NCAA tournament was held in 1939. The tournament has been held every year since. As of 2013 there have been 74 championships.

What is the best college basketball team?

This changes year to year as most sports do. In women's basketball you usually have UCONN and Tennessee as the two dominate teams. In men's basketball you have a more diverse group of teams, but generally you can count on Kansas, Duke, Michigan St. being towards the top. Obviously, this is a question that is a matter of opinion. People are going to answer with their team the cheer for in most cases. Historically, UCLA, has the most national championships, although, they have been down for several years now

How many nationals championships has UVa. won in basketball?

None. Virginia has never won a national championship in basketball. They have won numerous Atlantic Coast Conference championships and been to the final four of the NCAA Tournament twice (1981, 1984).

How many championships did the Boston Celtics win in their history?

17 championships, 20 conference titles, 27 division titles. The Celtics also holds the NBA record of players that have been enshrined into the Basketball Hall of fame,33.

Who has been to the final 4 the most?

Duke & UConn

Why is women's basketball less popular than men's basketball?

Mens basketball is more poular because they have more exciting things. Like dunking and fights and people getting tachnicals. Womens basketball has none of that. IN womens basketball only one person dunks and she doesn't do it all the time. that's why womens basketball is less popular than mens.Answeri think men's basketball is more popular because their sport has been around longer than women's. men's basketball was invented first Women started playing basketball one year after basketball was invented. So the above answer really has no meaning in the equation.AnswerPeople want to see the best athletes play and the bottom line is that men who are good enough to compete in the NBA or NCAA are better than their female counterparts. Personally, I think Women's college basketball can be interesting when you have top teams like Tennessee and UCONN squaring off, but it's a fact that male basketball players are better. Case in point: A few years ago I read a Sports Illustrated article about how Pat Summit's Tennessee Volunteers play against a practice squad of male students. Obviously, these guys are talented, but they aren't good enough to make the men's team and yet they're good enough to beat some of the best women.

How many mens basketball championships does Ohio State have?

None, they have never won the NCAA Tournament. The have been in the championship game 5 times but have yet to win it.

How many ncaa basketball championships has been won by black coaches?

Two black coaches have won the NCAA Basketball Championship. John Thompson of Georgetown in 1984 and Nolan Richardson of Arkansas in 1994.

How many National Championships won by Michigan State University?

MSU's football team has won or shared three national championships in 1952, 1965, and 1966. Its men's basketball team won the NCAA National Championship in 1979 and 2000.In total, 39 National Championships have been won by Michigan State Varsity and Club teams.

How many championships does unc have?

As of June 2014, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels men's team have won five NCAA Championships in basketball. They were also the Helms champions in 1924, which predated the NCAA tournament. The Tar Hells have been the runner-up four times.

How many NCAA basketball tournament championships have been won by schools with bird nicknames?

6 Kansas Jayhawks 3 Marquette Golden Eagles 1 Louisville Cardnals 2

How many championships has lebron james been to?

4 championships

How many national championships does the Villa Nova mens basketball team have?

The Wildcats men's basketball team of Villanova University has won a single NCAA championship, in 1985. The team has to date been in the tourney 33 times and has made the final four eight of those times.

What school has been in the most Final Fours without winning a championship?

UConn Huskies women

How many championships has Georgia bulldogs been to?

4 national championships.

What women's college basketball team has the best winning record?

The all time best womens basketball team for college is MOST likely the Tennessee Volunteers, but as of the past two years it has been Connecticut. Although Tennessee has still maintained a top 25 ranking in this two year span.

What championships are going to be in WWE 13?

The Championships haven't been named but it has been confirmed there will be 30 that come with the game and 10 that are DLC

How many NBA championships have been played in total?

63 championships since 1947.

How many basketball championships has Kentucky won?

Kentucky has won 8 National Titles: 1948,1949,1951,1958,1978,1996,1998 and 2012. They have also been conference regular season champions 47 times and Conference Tournament Champions 23 times.

How many times have the lakers gone to the nba championships?

the lakers have been to the championships 15 times

How many championships were there in NASCAR?

There have been cup champions since 1949. So there has been over 60 total championships by about 30 different men.

How many times has Melina been womens champion?

Melina is a 6 time WWE womens champion

When did basketball become netball?

It didn't. Basketball has always been basketball, netball has always been netball. Netball developed from basketball in the 1890s.