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The Giants franchise has won five World Series in New York (1905, 1921, 1922, 1933 and 1954) and one in San Francisco (2010).

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Q: How many championships have the SF Giants won?
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How many times have the sf giants won the world series?

2 times, in 2010 & 2012

How many worldseries wins for sf giants?

SF Giants have one win, they were the NY Giants during their prior victories.

What other years have the SF Giants won the pennant?

The San Francisco Giants won National League pennants in 1962, 1989, 2002 and 2010.

Have the sf giants ever won the world series?

No, the San Francisco Giants have never won the World Series, although, as the New York Giants, before moving to San Francisco, the Giants won five World titles.

How many SF Giants are Christians?

100 percent of them

How many innings are played in a complete game of baseball and how won the words series this year?

9 innings played. and sf giants

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How many people are in the sf giants audience?

about 41,000 people

When was the last time the SF Giants won the World Series?

The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series, defeating the Texas Rangers four games to one.

Who won the 2011 baseball world serise?

The St. Louis Cardinals won the 2011 World Series, but I wish the SF Giants had

What 5 letter word has sf in the beginning?

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How many SF Giants pitchers have hit homers?

158 for sure!!!!!

How many runs did the SF Giants score in 2010?

The San Francisco Giants scored 697 runs in 2010.

How many years is Tim Lincecum under contract with the SF Giants?


How many wins did the sf giants have in 2010?

The San Francisco Giants were 92-70 during the 2010 regular season.

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How many times do the sf giants play the LA Dodgers?

they played them 10 times

How many times has sf won the super bowl?

The 49ers have won 5 Super Bowls.

When was the Last year anahiem angels won the World Series?

The Anaheim Angels last won the World Series in 2002 when they beat the SF Giants 4 games to 3.

What baseball team is Metallica's favorite?

SF Giants

Who wore 5 on the SF Giants?

Ray Durham

Who wore 24 for the SF Giants?

Willie Mays.

What is the SF Giants radio station?

KNBR 680

Where do the SF Giants practice during the season?

At their stadium.

Who is number 16 on the SF giants?

Angel Pagan