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As of the 2010 season, the Dolphins have won 2 Super Bowls, 5 AFC championships and 12 AFC East championships.

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Q: How many championships have the Miami Dolphins won?
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What professional football team has won the most national championships in a row?

miami dolphins, 17-0

How many NFL championships have the dolphins won?

1 ---------- Above answer is incorrect. The Miami Dolphoins won Super Bowl VII (1972 season) and Super Bowl VIII (1973 season). ----------

How many chapionships has Miami university won?

Miami has won 5 national championships in 1983 1987 1989 1991 2001

How many football national championships has UM won?

The University of Michigan has 11 National Championships. The University of Miami has 5 National Championships.

How championships have the Miami Heat won?


Had the Miami Dolphins ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes the Miami Dolphins have won back to back superbowls in 1972 and 1973.

How many previous championships does the Miami NCAA basketball team have?

They have never won the NCAA championship.

Why are Miami dolphins called the Miami dolphins?

When the Dolphins Franchise was founded they made a contest where everyone could suggest a name... Dolphins won over Sharks, Suns and Mariners. The Woman who suggested Dolphins won a lifelong seasonticket!

How many teams have won the super bowl unbeaten?

1, the Miami Dolphins in 1972.

When Miami Heat won championships?

2006, 2012, 2013

Who did the Miami Dolphins play when they won the Sugar Bowl?

The Sugar Bowl is a college game and the Miami Dolphins are an NFL team.

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He Has 2 ,one in 2006,and another in 2012 Miami Heat