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Q: How many championships have the Atlanta hawks won?
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How many Championships have the Atlanta hawks won won?


How many NBA Championships have the Atlanta Hawks won?

The Atlanta Hawks have not won an NBA Championship. The St. Louis Hawks (before the team/franchise moved to Atlanta) won 1 NBA title in 1958.

How many championships has Atlanta dream won?


How many chamipnships have the atlanta hawks won?

1 (1958)

How many titles have the Atlanta Hawks won?

Zero as of 2008.

Who won lakers or Atlanta Hawks?

It was the Lakers who won that match.

How many team wrestling championships has Iowa won the past 36 years?

The hawks have won 23 national team championships, all in the past 36 years with th first being in 1975

Have the atlanta hawks ever won a championship?

Yes,in 1958

When was the last time the Atlanta Hawks won the championship?

last 1958

How many championships won celtics?

17 championships

How many national championships has the Oregon Ducks won in football?

They have won zero championships.

How many championships have the Philadelphia Eagles won?

The philadelphia Eagles has won 6 championships

How many division Championships have Denver Broncos won?

They have won 6 division Championships ...

How many sec basketball championships has Kentucky won?

how many sec championships has Kentucky won in mens basketball

How many total championships New York Giants won?

The Giants won four championships.

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Nebraska won?

They have won 5 national championships

How many National Championships have the Clemson Tigers won in football?

they have won one nat. championships

How many sec championships have Alabama football team won?

They have won 8 National Championships.

How many ncaa football championships has Syracuse won?

the Syracuse orange have won 11 championships

How many ncaa football championships has Alabama won?

Alabama has won 13 National Championships and 22 SEC Conference Championships.

How many championships did Kobe Bryant won?

3 championships

How many championships did mj win?

He won six championships.

How many total ncaa championships have the university of North Carolina won?

UNC has won 4 ncaa championships, and 16 ACC championships.

How many championships has university of Floridia won?

Florida has won 7 SEC championships and 3 national championships the last being in 2008.

How many championships has Nebraska won?

they won 5