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Through the 2008-09 season, Shaq has won 4 NBA titles ... three with the Los Angeles Lakers and one with the Miami Heat.

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Q: How many championships has Shaquille O'neil won in his career?
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How many championships does Shaquille O'neal have?


How many assists has Shaquille O'neal assisted in his NBA career?

Shaquille O'neal has 2,920 assists in his NBA career.

How many NBA championships does Shaquille O'Neal have?

He has 4 championship rings.

How many times has shaquille o'neal won the nba championships?

4 times

How many championships does Shaquille O NEal have?

4:3 with Lakers,1 with Heat

How many championships has Shaquille O'Neal had without Kobe?

Just one championship. That was with the Miami Heat in 2006.

How many championships did Tim duncan in his career?

he has four nba rings

How many different teams do Shaquille O'Neal have have championships with?

3 with the lakers and 1 with the miami heat so he has 4

How many free throws did Shaquille O'Neal miss in his career?

33,000 points

How many career wins does Richard Petty have?

200 career wins and 7 championships.

How many 30 point 20 rebound games did Shaquille O'Neal have in his career?


How many championships rings has Michael Jordan won in his career?