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Q: How many championships has Phil Jackson won?
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How many championships does Phil Jackson have with the lakers?

Phil Jackson has four championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. He won them in the following years:2008-092001-022000-011999-00

What coach has won the most championships in the NBA?

Phil Jackson

How many championships does Phil Jackson have as a player?

I think it is only one. The 2nd championship that the Knicks won.

Which NBa player turned coach has won the most championships?

Phil Jackson

How many championship for coach Jackson with the la lakers?

Phil Jackson has won 5 championships with the Lakers, currently they are trying to win their 6th championship together.

How many nba titles has Phil Jackson won?

Phil Jackson has won a total of 11 NBA titles.

Jordan and Jackson NBA championship rings?

Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson have won 6 rings together, however Phil Jackson has won a total of 11 NBA Championships (6 with Chicago Bulls and 5 with Los Angeles Lakers).

Which NBA coaches have won five or more championships?

The only one I know is Phil Jackson who won 6 totles with the Chicago bulls

How many coaches did Michael Jwin championships with?

4.Jordan won a college championship with Dean Smith at North Carolina, two Olympic championships (Bob Knight in 1984 and Chuck Daly in 1992), and six NBA championships with Phil Jackson.

How many championships has the pro golfer Phil Mickelson won?

Phil Mickelson has won 4 large championships and has won 41 events. He is a professional golfer that lives in the US. He swings left handed despite being right handed.

Who is the coach of the lakers?

The current Lakers coach is Phil Jackson. Under Jackson, the Lakers have won 4 championships. Another notable coach of the Lakers was Pat Riley.

How many Nba titles have Phil Jackson won with the lakers?


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