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Manchester United Football Club has won a total of 61 trophies. Those trophies include 20 Premier League titles, 11 FA cups, 20 Community Shields, 3 UEFA Champions League trophies and 1 Club World Cup.

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18 premier league titles so far

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they have won two with some guy

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Q: How many championships does Manchester united have?
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How many league championships did Manchester united win under sir Matt busby?


How many championships has Ryan gigs won for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has won 2 chanpion leagues 1999 and2008.

Does Liverpool have more championships than Manchester united?

Yes.Liverpool 18,Man.Utd 17.

Who won the most championships in the English Premier League?

18 each for Liverpool and Manchester united

How many times has Manchester City qualified for UEFA Championships?


Who has won all English league championships?

English league championships have been won by a variety of teams over the years, and, perhaps Manchester United is the most dominant. Over the 2013-2014 season, Manchester City was the winner.?æ

Who were the premier league champions in 1996?

In the 1996-1997 English Premier League, the champions were Manchester United, who had also won in two previous championships and went on to win 5 more championships as of the 2006-2007 Season.

How many times has Anderson scored for Manchester United?

He has yet to score for Manchester United.

How many goals did Jack Rowley score for Manchester United?

211 Goals for Manchester United

How many tilleague have Manchester United won?

Manchester United have won 19 titles in the E.P.L.

How many trophies has Barcelona won and that of Manchester?

Barcelona won Manchester united 10 times and Manchester united won Barcelona 11

What soccer club has won the most number of championships?

Manchester united and Liverpool have both won the top English divsion 18 times.