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The Baltimore Colts won 1 championship in the Super Bowl Era, but won 2 previous NFL championships.

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Q: How many championships did the Colts win in Baltimore?
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How many championships did the Indianapolis Colts win?


How many Super Bowls has the Baltimore colts win?


How many Super Bowls did the colts win?

The Colts have won two Super bowls. Once as the Baltimore Colts and once as the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is the only coach to win NFL championships with two different franchises?

Weeb Ewbank -- 1958/59 Baltimore Colts & 1968 NY Jets.

How many Super Bowls did the Baltimore Colts win?

1 The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V, a 16-13 victory over Dallas. The INDIANAPOLIS Colts defeated Chicago, 29-17, in Super Bowl XLI. The Colts also won NFL Championships in 1958, 1959 and 1968. In 1968, however, the Colts lost to the AFL champion New York Jets in Super Bowl III.

What years did the colts win back to back championships?

1958 and 1959

Super Bowl V?

Baltimore Colts vs Dallas Cowboys colts win 16 13

What first Super Bowl did the Colts win?

The Colts first Super Bowl win was as the Baltimore Colts in 1971. It was the fifth Super Bowl or Super Bowl V(5).

Who did the vikings record their first preseason game win against?

Baltimore Colts

Do the colts play at lucas oil stadium on jan16 2010?

Yes - Colts win 20-3 against Baltimore Ravens. Go Colts!!

Why did the Baltimore Colts become the Indianapolis Colts?

I think it was because of the fact that they didn't like Baltimore, and Indianapolis was gonna pay them way more than what Baltimore was... which Im EXTREMELY glad they did move to Indianapolis! GO COLTS! WIN THE SUPER BOWL!

How many Super Bowls did the New York Jets win?

1, in the 3rd Super Bowl against the Baltimore Colts.

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