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Q: How many championships did Diego maradona win?
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How many championships did the seventy sixers win?

4 championships

How many world cups did maradona win playing France?

In the 1986 world cup it was 5 goals , in 1990 it was two goals.

What did Diego Maradona say in his outburst?

Argentine coach Diego Maradona shocked viewers worldwide after Argentina's 2010 World Cup qualifying 1-0 win over Uruguay in Montevideo, when he stared into the camera and said: "To all of you who did not believe in us, and I apologise to the women in here, you can suck it, and keep sucking it."

How many did the championships did the broncos win?

2 championships 1997 & 1998

How many championships did Mark Madsen win?

2 championships - 2001 and 2002

How many championships did th celtics win during the 1980s?

4 championships.

How many championships did the nets win?


How many championships did john cena win?


How many championships did Evan bourne win?


How many championships have orioles win?

3 1966,1970,1983

How many Negro National League Championships did Homestead Grays win?

they won 9 championships

When did Maradona win the world cup?

1986 in Mexico