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Allen Iverson has never won an NBA championship. The closest he's got to winning one, was reaching the 2000-01 NBA Finals with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Q: How many championships did Allen Iverson win?
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IS Allen Iverson better than Kobe?

Allen Iverson is a better ball handler and quick shot. But Kobe is a better player then Iverson is now. if it was Iverson's prime vs Kobe Inverson would win.

Did Allen Iverson win the rookie of the year?

yes!! Allen iverson won the rookie of the year in 97. posting 23.5ppg, 7.5apg, 4.0rpg, and 2.4spg.

Who was the shortest player to win the NBA MVP award?

Allen Iverson

What year did Allen Iverson win mvp?

After the 2000-2001 season.

What year did Allen Iverson win the NCAA Championship?

1995 ,1996

How many mvps did Allen Iverson win?

Allen Iverson has won a total of one mvp with Philadelphia 76ers in the 2000-2001 NBA season, And also the all star games which i dont know how many really :P

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No. Allen Iverson won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award for the 1996-97 season.

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