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Phil Jackson has won 5 championships with the Lakers, currently they are trying to win their 6th championship together.

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Q: How many championship for coach Jackson with the la lakers?
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How many championship rings does Phil Jackson have?

Phil Jackson 2 ring as a NY Knicks player and 11 championship rings as a head coach. He won 6 with the Chicago Bulls and 5 with the Los Angeles Lakers which gives him 13!

How many championship Phil Jackson have?

two as a player for the New York Knicks, and eleven for coaching the Bulls and Lakers (13)

How many NBA titles have coach Phil Jackson won?

6 with Chicago and Jordan, 3 with the Lakers and Kobe/Shaq.

How many championship does lakers have?

The Los Angeles Lakers have 16 NBA championships.

How many coaches for the lakers won a NBA championship?

5 coaches have won championships as the Lakers head coach. John Kundla won 5 NBA titles and a NBL championship. Bill Sharman & Paul Westhead each won 1 title. Pat Riley won 4 titles and in two different stints, Phil Jackson won 5 titles.

How many championship title does LA Lakers have?


How many times have the lakers won the nba championship?

the lakers have won 16 championships

How many championship did the lakers win?

by the end of 2010-2011 LAKERS HAD 16 CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!

How many teams did Phil Jackson coach?

Two. Chicago Bulls (1989-1998) Los Angeles Lakers (1999-2004, 2005- present)

How many times have the lakers won a championship?


How many world championship lakers won?


How many times has the lakers beat the celtics in championship games?

None because the Lakers Reign Supreme

How many total championship rings do the LA Lakers and Minneapolis Lakers have total?

In Lakers history, the team has won 16 NBA championships

How many NBA championship did Lakers won?

16 (as of 2013)

How many times lakers has won nba championship?


How many times have the Los Angles Lakers won an NBA championship?

The Lakers have won 16 NBA Championships.

How many nba championships did Phil Jackson lose?

He hasn't lost many championship series in his career, but Phil Jackson was on the losing side of two NBA Finals. In 2004, his Los Angeles Lakers team bowed to the Detroit Pistons four games to one. In 2008, the Lakers were defeated by the Boston Celtics four games to two.

How many times have the LA Lakers won the NBA championship?

1-1=0 lakers suck 8===D------

How many NBA championship has the lakers won?

16 nba championships

How many championship rings does ron artest have?

1 with LA lakers

How many times have the celtics and the lakers met in the championship?

Twelve times.

How many championship games have the lakers and celtics played together?


How many times have the Lakers beat the Celtics for the championship?

Three times!

How many NBA championships has Phil Jackson won?

13 NBA Titles, 6 with the Bulls as their head coach , and 5 with the Lakers as their head coach , and 2 as a player for the New Knicks..

How many rings does Phil Jackson have?

13 2 with the New York Knicks as a player. 6 with the Chicago Bulls as a head coach. 5 with the Los Angeles Lakers as a head coach.