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The Los Angeles Lakers have 16 NBA championships.

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Q: How many championship does lakers have?
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How many championship title does LA Lakers have?


Can the Lakers win a championship this year?

yes i think the lakers can win the championship! THE LAKERS ARE AWESOME!

How many times have the lakers won the nba championship?

the lakers have won 16 championships

How many championship did the lakers win?

by the end of 2010-2011 LAKERS HAD 16 CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!

How many times have the lakers won a championship?


How many world championship lakers won?


How many NBA championship did Lakers won?

16 (as of 2013)

How many times lakers has won nba championship?


How many times has the lakers beat the celtics in championship games?

None because the Lakers Reign Supreme

How many championship for coach Jackson with the la lakers?

Phil Jackson has won 5 championships with the Lakers, currently they are trying to win their 6th championship together.

How many total championship rings do the LA Lakers and Minneapolis Lakers have total?

In Lakers history, the team has won 16 NBA championships

When did the lakers win there last championship?

The last time the Lakers won the championship was the 2009-10 season.

How many NBA championship has the lakers won?

16 nba championships

How many championship rings does ron artest have?

1 with LA lakers

How many championship games have the lakers and celtics played together?


How many times have the celtics and the lakers met in the championship?

Twelve times.

How many times have the Lakers beat the Celtics for the championship?

Three times!

How many times have the Los Angles Lakers won an NBA championship?

The Lakers have won 16 NBA Championships.

Who did the LA Lakers play last year for the NBA championship?

The Lakers beat the Orlando Magic for the NBA championship.

How many times have the LA Lakers won the NBA championship?

1-1=0 lakers suck 8===D------

How many NBA championship titles has the Los Angeles Lakers won?

They have won 19 NBA Championship titles.

How many times have the Celtics and the Lakers played for the championship?

Twelve times. The Celtics have won nine of the championship meetings.

How much championship does lakers have?


Who won 1941 NBA championship?

The lakers won there first championship. The lakers were in Minneappolis before going to California in 1960.

How many times did the LA Lakers win the NBA championship in NBA?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 14 NBA championships (5 were won as the Minneapolis Lakers).