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Q: How many championship did the Colorado Rockies win win?
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How many games did the Colorado Rockies win in 2008?

In 2008, the Colorado Rockies had a 74-88 record.

How many games did the rockies win in the World Series in 2007?

0 games. The Boston Redsox swept the Colorado Rockies.

How many games did the 2009 Colorado Rockies win?

they won 92 and lost 70

Who will win the World Series in 2019?

Colorado Rockies

Who did the Colorado Rockies beat for the franchise's first win?

The Colorado Rockies first ever victory was an 11-4 win over the Montreal Expos on April 9, 1993 at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

What is the Colorado Rockies franchise win loss record?

For games through April, 27, 2009 the Rockies' win/loss record is 1195-1352. For games through August 12, 2007 the Rockies' win-loss record is 1086-1236.

What is the Colorado Rockies longest win streak in franchise history?

The Rockies won a franchise-record 11 straight games Sept. 16-27, 2007.

Did the Yankees win the 2007 World Series?

No. The Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies in the 2007 World Series.

What year did the Redsox last win the world series and who did they play?

2007 when they defeated the Colorado Rockies 4 games to 0.

What plays when the Colorado Rockies win?

The techno song played through the 9th when they're up and subsequently win is a remix of Karl Jenkins' "Theme from Palladio."

How many baseball games did the CO Rockies win in 2011?

they win 12 games.

Let's say the Cubs win this series and the Colorado Rockies win theirs Since the Rockies have a better record do they get home field advantage Or do the Cubs since Colorado was the wild card?

It depends on which league won the All star games. Since the American League won, the Cubs would go first.

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