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Q: How many champions did al ahly club have?
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When was Al Ahly club founded?

"Al-Ahly" club in Cairo is an Egyptian club that was founded in 1907.

When was the Al Ahly Sporting Club founded?

Al Ahly Sporting Club is an Egyptian sporting club that was founded in April of 1907. It wasn't until the year 2000 that it later got it's name Al Ahly.

What is the club of the century in Africa?

al ahly sporting club of Egypt.

Has Al-Ahly of Egypt ever beaten Real Madrid in the FIFA Club World Cup?

No. Al-Ahly's Never played Real Madrid in the Club World Cup, but they Played a friendly match in Cairo in 2001 Which Al-Ahly won 1-0.

Why Al-Ahly football club of Egypt is the club of century in Africa?

The Egyptian football club Al Ahly is been given the title Club of the century in Africa. As this club has won most trophies and cups and more titles then any other club in Africa.

What is best Egyptian football club?

Al-Ahly is the best and most successful Football club in Africa and Egypt.

Who is the best al-ahly or al-zamalek?

ahly because abu trika and gedo

Who is best al ahly or al zamalek?

ahly because abu trika and gedo

When was Al-Ahly S.C. created?

Al-Ahly S.C. was created on 1907-04-24.

When was Al-Ahly SC - Tripoli - created?

Al-Ahly SC - Tripoli - was created on 1950-09-19.

How many trophies have al ahly Egypt scored?

102 trophies

What is the Egyptian team Al Ahly's world ranking?