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Q: How many challenges are allowed in a tennis match?
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How many people can play tennis in one match?


How many players in a tennis?

Two or four, depending upon whether the match is a singles or a doubles match.

How many times is the ball allowed to bounce in wheelchair tennis?

Only one bounce is allowed during any point during a tennis match. The player is allowed to hit the ball in the air without it bouncing once but if the ball bounces twice then the point is over and the point is awarded to the player that hit the ball that bounced more than once.

How many time out allowed in TT match?

A table-tennis match consists of between 4 and 7 games. In this time, each player/team is entitled to 1 timeout which is only 60 seconds long. Timeouts are replenished at the start of each match during a team event.

How many coaches challenges allowed in the Super Bowl?

3 challenges and if you win a challenge you get an extra one.

How many subsitiutions are allowed in football match?


Is there a limit to the number of tennis racquets players can bring to a match?

No you can bring as many as you want.

How many hours to the world's longest doubles table tennis match last?


How many service lets are you allowed in a tennis game?

you are allowed as many as you like as long as the ball hits the net and lands in the square.

How many games in a match of table tennis?

In the Olympics, the match is a best 4 of 7 games.

How many empires will be there in a tennis match?

there are 4 empires in the match 2 in the field and 1 display the tv and 1 show the replay

How many players are on court during a doubles match in tennis?

There are 4 players on the court in a doubles match.