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It depends on the type and length of the ski lift, and the conditions it operates in.

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Q: How many chairs are on a ski lift?
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How many people were trapped in the ski lift in Maine on December 28 2010?

40 people cuz 5 sets of chairs in each set 8 people 4 rows 2 chairs per row

What do you do when you have fixed the ski lift in club penguin?

Monkeyzman87: There are many websites that tell you. you get a belt and put it on the ski lift

What is a ski lift?

A ski lift is an mechanic chair suspended from a cable that takes you to the top of the ski run.

When was Hall Ski-Lift created?

Hall Ski-Lift was created in 1954.

What is the use of lift chairs?

Lift chairs are used for people who are weak in the back or legs and have problems standing from a normal chair. These chairs will lift them to an almost standing position.

How do you repair the ski lift motor in My Sims Agents?

how to repair the ski lift motor

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Are reclining lift chairs safe for all disabilities?

Yes, reclining lift chairs safe for all disabilities. Additionally, some reclining lift chairs are made specifically for certain disabilities.

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What is the tallest lift chair possible to buy?

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When was the ski lift invented?

The first purpose built ski lift was built in 1908 in Schwarzwald in Germany.

What companies offer lift chairs or sale?

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