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There are 43 cars that start each Nascar Sprint Cup Series race.

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2012-08-01 22:46:46
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Q: How many cars start in a Nascar Sprint Cup Series race?
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How much do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars weigh?

NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars are standardized to weigh 3400lbs (1542.2kg)

What got Kasey Kahne into NASCAR driving?

He drove sprint cars before NASCAR. I think he did so well with sprint cars, someone noticed him and offered a job to race stock in the NASCAR Nationwide Series (then it was called the Busch Series) and moved up to Sprint Cup.

What cars do they use in the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series?

2013 Sprint Cup Series cars:Chevrolet SSFord FusionToyota Camry

Did Sprint Cars start with moonshiners racing each other?

No that was NASCAR

What kind of cars race in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Chevrolet SSFord FusionToyota Camry

Do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars have power steering?

Yes they do have a version of power steering.

How many cars are entered in each Nascar Cup Series race?

43 cars race in each Nascar Sprint Cup race. The numbers change on how many enter.

Who owns the Phoenix Racing team in NASCAR?

Phoenix Racing is owned by James Finch. The team fields cars in both the Nascar Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series.

How many cars does Denny Hamlin have in NASCAR?

Denny Hamlin does not own any cars in Nascar. He drives the #11 FedEx car for Joe Gibbs Racing in the Sprint Cup Series.

How many cars does a Nascar Sprint Cup team have?

A Nascar Sprint Cup team can have anywhere from 1 car up to a maximum of 4 cars.

What kind of cars are used in NASCAR?

The vehicles used in the NASCAR Sprint Car series are known at Cars of Tomorrow. They are modified versions of the commercial cars made available to the public and companies include Ford, Chevy, and Dodge.

Do Nascar Sprint Cup cars have speedometers?

No. They only have tachometers.

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