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Q: How many cars race in the Indy?
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Do Indy cars race in rain?

Indy cars race in the rain on street and road courses, however they do not on ovals.

Are Indy race cars faster than Nascar race cars?


Do Indy cars drift while they race?


How many laps did Jr Lead in the Indy 500 in 2009?

09 Indy has not been run and Dale Jr does not race Indy cars

How many racers are in the Indy 500?

Traditionally, 33 race cars compete in the Indianapolis 500.

What is the average number of cars that finish an Indy racing league race?


What types of race cars has Danica Patrick raced?

Danica Patrick has raced both open wheel race cars in the Indy Racing League, and stock cars in the Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series.

Whats is the race held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indy 500, open wheel cars, NASCAR holds the brickyard 400 at Indy every year.

What has the author Scott Robinson written?

Scott Robinson has written: 'Yestales' 'Indy cars' -- subject(s): Automobile racing, Formula One automobiles, Indianapolis Speedway Race, Indy cars, Juvenile literature

How many cars are in Indy 500?

Traditionally, 33 cars start the Indianapolis 500.

How many cars raced the first Indy 500?


How many cars raced in the 2007 Indy 500?


How fast does the race car Indy 500?

what race car won the indy 500 2014

What are the names of Indy cars?

Stock cars.

How many cars run in the Indy 500?

Traditionally 33 cars compete in the Indianapolis 500.

How many pit stops on average in an Indy 500 race?


Did alfa romeo race?

Yes, they have been in many different forms of motor racing, including F1 (where they won two world championships). Supplied Indy cars, touring cars, and other series.

What are the characteristics of an Indy race car?

There are many different characteristics of an Indy race car. One is that they are aerodynamic so they have less wind resistance and can travel very quickly.

How much is paid for Indy race lead lap at Indy?


How many points does a Indy Race Car driver earn for winning a 1st place in a race?


How many cars are in a Nascar Cup Series race?

43 race cars in each race.

How much faster are Indy cars than Nascar race cars?

They are about the same, in some cases Nascar is faster. The top speed for both is around 200 mph.

Where are the Indy race tracks in Alberta?

As of 2008, the Indy race track is localed in Edmonton Alberta- this race is typically run tward the end of July.

Are f1 cars faster than Indy cars?


How many cars can enter the indianopolis 500 race?

33 cars can start the race.